Monday, September 21, 2015



Disclaimer* I am a conservative. I understand due to the polarizing effects of elections this will make someone mad. 

I want you to think back to the election of 2008.  Rep. Ron Paul was running for president.  His supporters were like rabid dogs.  They would post any and everything that supported their candidate. More often than not the information was misinformation.  This is not to say that Rep Paul supported these claims, but like a good politician he did nothing to correct the record.  Rep Paul was a shrewd politician. 

His followers would attack anyone that disparaged him.  Not just one at a time, but dozens.  They were like mosquitoes after a bleeder. More often than not they were paranoid.  

Welcome to FrankenTrump.  Does Trump say things that do not have truth?  Of course not.  No more than anyone else.  He knows that.  But what he says is not the issue.  The issue is what he is not saying.

His catch phrases, I will make America so great you will not believe it, I will make you proud again, I will stop illegal immigration, I will make the economy so strong, or everyone that stands against me is an idiot.  That last one is a personal favorite.

What makes Donald FrankenTrump any different from the kid in high school running for class president?  Nothing.  FrankenTrump offers no insight into how he will do anything.  Granted he has said he will build a wall, but then what?  Crickets for FrankenTrump. 

Who are FrankenTrump's advisors?  What is his national defense strategy?  What is his strategy for rebuilding a seriously damaged economy?  What is his strategy for the future of the nation?  Who knows?  FrankenTrump is certainly not talking about that.

FrankenTrump 2016....a dead end for America.