Friday, August 31, 2018


Art for me is a real challenge.  This means that I will need to make use of art that others have done, as well as my own. Is this wrong?  No.  It is the same as if I hired someone to create the art. That is the key.  Any art that I use from others will have to follow the rules they specify for its use.  I'm good with that.  At the same time it allows me to work on the part of the artwork that I am good at.  Making the game as visually appealing as possible.  This post will focus on the Art work and the workflow that is involved.

Game art requires a great deal of work.  Games are not static so the artwork is not static.  As with all art it starts with a model.  Below is a model of "Ellen".  Ellen is the player character that comes with the 2D Game Kit, which is a free asset from Unity.  The idea was to make Ellen a United States Air Force Security Police/Forces Airman. 

To make Ellen into an SP was easy.  I just had to add a beret.  That sounds easy, it is not actually that easy.  I had to add the beret to over 100 different images of Ellen.  The goal when you have to do so many changes is to reduce the amount of work as possible.  To that end I was able to draw the beret on one model of Ellen.  Then paste it as a new layer on most of the still images that made up the model of Ellen.  I now present Erica.

Of course I couldn't leave that alone.  To make the player character mine, or at least mostly mine, I had to try to create my own "Ellen Like" character.  So here is Chuck.

Chuck needs work.  But he is a good model for future use.

Now for the question concerning copyright and the work of others.  Ellen is free.  Free from copyright, but I can not call Ellen mine.  Even if I were to plop a beret on her.  I'm good with that.  What I can call mine are some of the background art that I have added that are my creations.  Here are my additions.

The short of it...if it is a plant..I created it. 

Until next time....

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